2024 European Cup standings

This $24 million community project involved new construction on a undeveloped site/occupied 2024 European Cup standingssite. The two-story, 53,000 SF project features flexible gym space, an elevated walk/jog track, active recreation spaces, locker rooms, a community kitchen, meeting, and performance spaces. Additional site work included excavation and clearing/scrubbing with very clear stipulations 2024 European Cup scheduleand instructions from the City’s Arborist. The project is seeking LEED Gold certification, partly due to the Mass Plywood Panels and Glu-Laminated Timber elements and the PV solar array system. Coordination with the police station and neighboring community has been intentional 2024 European Cup football scoresby the city and the project team. King County Metro Parks trail runs adjacent to the site and connects directly to City Hall.

EURO 2024 Qualifiers

  • $24 million
  • 53,000 SF
  • seeking LEED Gold certification